Cod fish croquettes2,60€/ud

Ham & chiken croquetes2,60€/ud

Anchovies with catalan “pa amb tomàquet” 12,00 €

Jabugo ham with catalan “pa amb tomàquet” 13,50 €

Prawns “ceviche” 12,50 €

Calamaris andalusian style 11,40 €

Spinachs salad with salmon and wasabi maionese 10,00 €

Red peppers salad with tuna and tender onion9,00 €

Tatin with artichokes and foie11,50 €

Crepe filled with duck and vegetables11,00 €

Sautéed chick peas with black sausage and “cansalada”9,00 €

Home made fungui ravioli10,40 €

Home made gnoquis with sage and parmesan sauce9,00 €

Crispy potato with prawns and curry12,50 €

Tuna tartare oriental style15,00 €

Monkfish baked with potatoes17,00 €

Calamaris on the grill with tomato confit & artichokes14,50 €

Steak tartare with mustard ice-cream and spices13,90 €

Entrecot with Café de Paris sauce and french fries15,90 €

“Pluma Ibérica” with mustard14,50 €

Boneless lamb shoulder with rosemary & lemon14,50 €

Thin apple tart with vainilla ice-cream7,50 €

Chocolate coulant7,50 €

Hazelnut fondant7,50 €

Millefeuille with raspberries and cream7,50 €

Home made ice-cream and sorbets7,50 €

Notice to guests with allergies or intolerances: ask our staff for information about our dishes.
All prices are inclusive of 10%VAT.
Our restaurant complies with Royal Decree 1420/06 (BOE no302 12/19/06) protection against anisakis.